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serenity. “To meet a cynical gibe with a retort implying that marriage and motherhood are woman’s commendable lot cannot be regarded as an insult.” Corinna scoffed: “How do you manage to do it?” “Do what?” “Talk like that.” “By means

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of an education not entirely rudimentary,” replied Fortinbras in his blandest tone. “In the meanwhile you haven’t replied to my suggestion. Once you said you would like to take life by the throat and choke some

  • asked. “Not at all,” said he; “but I have bound
  • less confidence in my brother-in-law.” ?/li>
  • 癏is idea is that I should enter your employment as a kind of fo
  • rewoman in your fabrique.” “But that is famous!
  • ” exclaimed Bigourdin, with a spark
  • le in his eyes. “It could only enter into that wise head yonder. Th



thing big out of it. You still want to do it—but you can’t. You know you can’t, my dear Corinna. Even the people that can perform this garrotting feat squeeze precious little happiness out of it. Happiness comes t

o mortals through the most subtle channels. I suggest it might come to you through the liver of an overfed goose.” At Corinna’s outburst, Bigourdin’s

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  • f in a stuffy little French town and become a sort of housekeeper in a shabby little French hotel. The suggestion was preposterous, an outrage to the highly-important self, reckoning it a thing of no account. Why not turn her into a chambermaid or a goose-

    鈥?John Doe, ABC Company
  • herd at once? The contemptuous assumption fired her wrath. She was furious with Fortinbras. But Bigourdin, who treated the subject from the point of view of one who asked a favour, deserved a civil answer. “Monsieur Bigourdin,” she said with a becoming

    鈥?Jason Clark, ABC Company
  • air of dignity tempered by a pitying smile, “I know that you are everything that is kind, and I thank you most sincerely for your offer, but for private reasons it is one that I cannot accept. You must forgi

    鈥?Mike, ABC Company
to take charge of the manu facturing department. I have t
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